Play Geoguessr with friends: These are your options

by Estelle

If you want to play Geoguessr with friends, you have several options at your disposal. In addition to the official multiplayer mode, we have other methods in store for you. You can find out all the information here.

Play Geoguessr: With Friends in Private Parties

Playing Geoguessr with friends is easy. We explain how it works:

  • The requirements to play with friends is Geoguessr Pro. Only one of the players needs an active subscription. All other players must also be subscribed and friends with the host.
  • When all players are logged in, the Geoguessr Pro subscriber opens the “Play with Friends” option. The player limit is 20 friends.
    There are various modes available, for example the Battle Royal mode. A leaderboard is also available for the entire party. Own maps can be used in party mode.

More possibilities for geoguessr games among friends

Even if no one in your friend group owns Geoguessr Pro, you can play together. 2 methods are suitable for this:

  • Use screen sharing to play Geoguessr together. Using the screen sharing software, you and your friends can find out the location on the map together.
  • To do this, one player starts a challenge and controls the cursor. Meanwhile, the friends can consult together with the player. Screen sharing makes it easy to see the cursor position, the Street View and the map.
  • In the 2nd method, you take a screenshot after each level. You play the challenges solo and compare the screenshots at the end.
  • The screenshots show the score of each player. This method is recommended if you want to play against each other without Geoguessr Pro.

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