Beko dishwasher error E01: How to solve the problem

by Johannes

The error E01 on the Beko dishwasher appears when water has entered the lower bottom of the machine or else that not enough water is entering the dishwasher quickly enough. Read here what you can do about it.

Beko dishwasher: Error E01 and solutions

If you see error code E01 on your Beko dishwasher, a leak or problems with the drain pump may be reasons. Too little water pressure also sometimes causes problems for the machine.

  • First check that there is no water in the bottom tray of the machine. To do this, disconnect the machine from the mains and then tilt it backwards by 90 degrees. If water does leak out, you must find out where it is coming from. Only then will the machine work properly again.
  • Often a defective drain pump is the reason for the excess water. Remove the strainer to access the pump in question. Clear the pump of any obstructing objects and check that it turns properly. If the blade does not rotate, you will have to install a new pump.
  • If the drain pump is intact, the drain hose may be the problem. Check that the hose seal is sound and replace the appropriate hose if it is not.
  • If the drain pump is intact, the problem may be the drain hose.
  • A leak in the solenoid valve may also be the reason for the leaking water. Check if there are traces of limescale on the valve. These are a good indication of leaking water. You can also replace the valve yourself.
  • If you have a new Beko dishwasher, a defective flow meter can trigger error E01. This flow meter checks the amount of water flowing into the machine. If the flow meter is broken, it will let too much water in. You can also replace the component yourself.
  • Check the water pressure in your house by placing a bucket under the tap and turning it on. If no water or too little water comes out of the tap, the problem is your house pipe.
  • Damaged spray arms also sometimes trigger error code E01 on your Beko dishwasher. If the arms have come apart in the collections, they must be replaced.
  • If you cannot find the cause, you should contact Beko customer service to solve the problem.

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