How to switch off the Samsung Galaxy A33

by Corinna

You can switch off the Samsung Galaxy A33 in several ways. You can either do this with a key combination or by tapping on the corresponding button in the notification bar.

Switch off the Samsung Galaxy A33: These options are available

The Samsung Galaxy A33 cannot be switched off by a long press on the power button as usual. Instead, the voice assistant Bixby opens here.

  • To turn off the smartphone anyway, press and hold the Power button and the Volume down button at the same time for a few seconds.
  • The switch-off menu will then open. Tap the item “Switch off” here.
  • Use the power button in the upper right corner to access the power off menu.

Switch off the Samsung Galaxy A33 via the power button: How to do it

If you want to switch off the smartphone via a long press of the power button, you can set this in the settings.

  • Call up the settings and select the item “Advanced functions”.
  • Tap on the entry “Function key”.
  • Under “Press and Hold”, instead of “Activate Bixby”, select the item “Switch Off Menu”.

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