WhatsApp: Profile picture gone but status visible – what’s behind it

by Pramith

If the profile picture of a WhatsApp contact has disappeared but the status is still visible, there are various possible reasons

WhatsApp profile picture gone but status visible: The reasons

There are five main possible reasons if you can no longer see your contact’s profile picture but can access their status. Data protection, technical problems or blocking of your profile are possible.

  • The person has deleted or changed their profile picture: It is possible that the person has deleted their profile picture on WhatsApp or replaced it with a new picture. In this case, the profile picture is no longer displayed, but the status remains visible. The picture will reappear as soon as your contact uses a new one
  • Technical problems: Sometimes technical problems can lead to the profile picture not being displayed correctly. This may be temporary. After some time, everything will be displayed correctly again
  • Privacy settings: The person may have configured their privacy settings so that their profile picture is only visible to certain contacts. In this case, some contacts will not be able to see the profile picture while the status is still visible.
  • Blocking: The person may have blocked you. If you have been blocked, you will not be able to see the person’s profile picture, but the status may remain visible.
  • Account deactivated or deleted: If the person has deactivated or deleted their WhatsApp account, the profile picture will no longer be displayed. However, the status may still be visible until it expires.

Edit profile picture settings: Here’s how

If you do not want certain contacts to see your profile picture, make changes in the settings. If you do not make any changes, your profile picture will be visible to everyone who receives a message from you.

  • Go to the settings at the top right and then to “Privacy ☻ Profile picture”.
  • Select the one that suits you: All, My contacts, My contacts except … You can also select “Nobody”. In this case, no one will see your profile picture.

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