E-bike recuperation: What does the term mean?

by Pramith

If you are planning to buy an e-bike, investing in the recuperation function can make perfect sense. Find out what this term is all about and how it works in this article.

E-Bike: This is recuperation

The term recuperation comes from the Latin word “recuperatio” and means nothing other than energy recovery.

  • You are probably already familiar with this principle from cars that use energy recovery.
  • The way it works is quickly explained: the energy generated during braking is fed back into the electric motor without any detours.
  • The kinetic energy from the e-bike is therefore converted back into usable electrical energy. This happens especially whenever you brake.
  • The advantage: The battery of your e-bike lasts longer this way because it is always recharged.
  • If an e-bike does not have the recuperation function, the excess energy is released unused into the environment.

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