EPC indicator lamp lights up: All info

by Johannes

There are many different warning signs and lights in your vehicle, including the EPC lamp. We tell you what it is and what you should do if it comes on.

Causes of the EPC lamp lighting up

If the EPC lamp in your vehicle lights up, there is a fault.

  • EPC stands for “Electronic Power Control” and is related to the electronic power control. This is only available in vehicles with an electric accelerator pedal.
  • If the EPC indicator light is now on continuously or flashing, there is a problem with your accelerator pedal.
  • The accelerator pedal position is constantly monitored by two potentiometers in vehicles with an electronic accelerator pedal.
  • This is then transmitted to the engine control unit, which then controls the throttle.
  • If faulty values or possibly a defect are detected, the EPC indicator lamp lights up.

This is what you should do when the EPC light is activated

If the EPC lamp is permanently lit, you should act as follows:

  • Take your vehicle to a workshop as soon as possible.
  • It may happen that the pedal no longer transmits to the engine. This means that safe control of your vehicle is no longer guaranteed.
  • This creates a major safety risk for you and also other road users.
  • The exact cause of the problem is then determined in the workshop and can thus be rectified.

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