Google Maps: Find charging stations for electric cars – this is how

by Flo

Displaying charging stations for electric cars via Google Maps sounds futuristic, but it is already possible in reality. In this article we explain how to display the power sources in the app in just a few steps.

This is what you need to know: Charging stations for e-cars in Google Maps

As the owner of an electric car, you can no longer use the normal petrol or diesel filling stations in Germany. If you try to find the public charging stations instead, it can be quite nerve-wracking.

  • Google Maps can therefore display the electric petrol pumps directly in the app. To do this, all you have to do is enter the keyword in the search bar.
  • Write the word “charging station” in the field above. The application will now suggest the charging stations for electric cars nearby.
  • By clicking on the desired station, you can also see for which plug types the pillars are compatible or whether another driver is currently charging his car.
  • Google Maps also provides reviews and photos for each charging station. This allows you to check more details that are important to you.

To add the charging station to your route planning

If you want to reach a charging station from your location, Google Maps will create the corresponding route in seconds and calculate the time needed.

  • With a click on the blue arrow, the application will create a suitable route for you that will take you the shortest way to the power source.
  • You can also plan stops at charging stations for your route in advance.
  • This way you won’t run out of power for the car on a long trip and you’ll be on the safe side.
  • It is generally a good idea to always plan longer routes with an electric car in advance and also look out for appropriate charging locations.
  • The infrastructure for electric mobility in Germany today still tends to be inadequately developed.
  • Google Maps is working on the development of further functions for e-car drivers for all these reasons. These include automatically calculating the maximum range or sorting charging stations by plug type.

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