Tyre change costs: What you have to reckon with

by Johannes

If you don’t want to change the tyres on your car yourself, you can have them changed at a garage. In this practical tip, we will show you what costs you will incur.

Tyre change: Costs at a glance

  • The tyre change is not only done quickly at home, but also in the workshop. Depending on the workshop, you pay between 20 and 40 euros to change all four wheels.
  • Wheel balancing is optional and costs another 3 to 10 euros per wheel. If the tyres are unevenly worn or the steering wheel vibrates when driving, there may be an imbalance. However, it is not absolutely necessary to have the wheels checked.
  • If you have your tyres stored in the workshop until the next change, you will pay another 20 to 30 euros.
  • If you want to save money on changing your tyres, you can simply change the car tyres yourself.

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