What is the real benefit of a sports air filter? All info

by Pramith

You have probably asked yourself what a sports air filter actually does. After all, many people reach for this product, but you should ask yourself whether it really makes sense.

What is the point of a sports air filter? You should know

Many drivers swear that the car is much faster on the road with a sports air filter.

  • The reasoning behind this is that the car must be much faster if the engine gets more oxygen than with a conventional paper filter. Because then it burns more fuel and makes more power.
  • In practice, however, the result is quite different. With some filters it is possible to increase the performance minimally. As a rule, however, the performance actually deteriorates or remains the same.
  • On top of that, sometimes even more fuel is consumed with the same performance. However, you can save this.
  • Some sports filters also no longer protect as well against dirt, which clogs the engine.
  • In addition, the engine becomes louder, but for most people this is the reason to get such a filter.

What to consider when installing a sports air filter

If you still want to install a sports air filter, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

  • Some filters must first be registered, for example open air filters that do not have a general operating permit. To do this, it is best to make an appointment with the TÜV.
  • If an air filter is too loud, it is quite possible that it will not make it through the TÜV.
  • If you don’t have MOT approval, you could face a fine if you get caught.
  • Also make sure that you clean the filter regularly. Use a suitable cleaner for this.

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