Creative Tonie – How it works

by Johannes

If your child wants to listen to their own music on the Toniebox, you can easily record a Creative Tonie yourself. We will show you step by step how to transfer the music files to the little figures.

Instruction: Record a Creative Tonie in the browser

In addition to the numerous audio books and song Tonies, there are “empty” Creative Tonies for your Toniebox, which you can then record individually. To do this, you need audio files on your PC that you want to transfer to the Tonie. You can transfer children’s songs from CDs to your computer or download music for a fee.

  • Open the My Tonies website and log in. Your Toniebox must be set up so that you can play a creative Tonie. In addition, the box must be connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Place the creative Tonie on the box so that the Toniecloud recognises it. You can find the figure in the overview “Your creative Tonies”.
  • If you click on the icon of the creative Tonie, you will land in “Edit mode”.
  • Click on the button “Edit contents” and select the desired audio files by drag and drop or “Browse files” on your PC. Confirm the selection with “open”.
  • Wait until the red loading bars have completely run through. Then scroll to the end and click on the button “Save content”.
  • Take the creative Tonie off the box for a moment and press one of the two ears on the Toniebox for three seconds until the LED flashes blue. The blue flashing means that the new files are being loaded.
  • Place the creative Tonie back on the box. As soon as the Tonie Box lights up green, the download is complete and the creative Tonie can be played.
  • Tip: You can adjust the order of the audio files on the Creative Tonie by clicking on the three dashes on the right, holding down the mouse pointer and moving the song to the desired position. Finally, click on “Save contents”.

Record creative sound with the app

In the Tonies app (for Android and iOS), you can also play voice notes on the creative Tonie. This way, the grandparents can read a story and tell something and your child can listen to it again and again on the Toniebox.

  • Open the Tonies app and log in with your access data.
  • On the start page, your already registered creative Tonies will appear.
  • Select the icon of the character you want to play.
  • Click on the red plus icon if you want to add a voice recording.
  • Now tap the microphone icon and start recording. You can read out something, tell a story, sing – whatever you want.
  • Stop the recording with the square symbol. You can listen to the sequence again or tap directly on “accept”.
    • Enter a name for the recorded audio file and select “apply” again.
    • Confirm with “upload”, the recording is saved on your Kreativ-Tonie.

    Record creative tone with software

    Audio plays, music or audio books can be recorded onto the Kreativ-Tonie with various programmes and then listened to there. Recordify, for example, is suitable for this.

    • How Recordify works: The Windows software works in principle like a cassette recorder. If Recordify is installed on the PC together with a streaming provider (such as Amazon Music, Youtube, Spotify or ARD Mediathek), it can record and permanently store everything that comes out of the PC speakers. If you start the recording and let it run through a radio play, for example, the software saves each track individually as an MP3 file. The recording is started and stopped with a mouse click. Afterwards, the recorded music can simply be played on the creative Tonie.
      • Basic version: Abelssoft offers Recordify as a free basic version that can be used for an unlimited time. It includes everything you need to record and permanently store music. In addition to individual songs, entire playlists can be downloaded, which Recordify recognises, names and saves correctly.
      • Plus version: There is also a Plus version for which a fee is charged. For 10 EUR, you can customise the file naming and determine which information about the title should be visible and in what order. In addition, the software recognises advertising blocks and, in contrast to the basic version, is itself free of advertising.

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