Dave the Diver: The best tips for diving and sushi

by Pramith

In Dave the Diver there are a few tips you should keep in mind. With these tricks you can progress quickly and farm all achievements

Dave The Diver: Tips and tricks for diving

A well-running sushi restaurant starts with successful diving expeditions. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your dives in the Blue Hole:

  • Focus on upgrades first: At the beginning of “Dave the Diver”, you may not know what to do with all the gold you earn. There are many ways to spend the gold throughout the game, but in the beginning you should invest your money in upgrades for Dave’s diving equipment to make your dives more effective. There are four pieces of equipment that you can upgrade: Portability, Suit, Harpoon and Oxygen Tank. Concentrate on the carrying capacity and oxygen tank first so that you can stay underwater longer and bring more fish to the surface. If you exceed your weight limit, your movement will be restricted, making it more difficult to reach the surface.
  • Explore the width first: The Blue Hole is much deeper than it is wide, but at the start of the game you can’t dive deep yet. Fortunately, there are plenty of fish to catch above 50 meters, so you can get a lot out of your dives even without upgrades for your suit. However, the fish are widely scattered. You won’t find them all on the left-hand side of the Blue Hole map, where you start your dives. It’s worth swimming to the opposite side of the map to discover new species of fish that you haven’t encountered before.
  • Collect everything: In addition to fish, there is a lot of trash in the shallows of the Blue Hole: glass, rope and scrap metal, among many other materials. Most of these items weigh less than half a kilogram, so you can take them with you on every dive without them weighing you down. If you exceed your weight limit after catching a few fish, you can easily discard these items. These seemingly random items have several functions. Firstly, you can sell them at Cobra once you have unlocked Cobra’s premium store. This is a great way to earn extra gold before a shift at Bancho’s Sushi Restaurant to buy new furnishings and hire new staff. You can also use these items to craft new weapons and complete tasks in the Ecowatcher app. In addition to the items, you will also find chests in the Blue Hole. Some of these chests contain items or ingredients, while others contain weapons that will help you unlock new blueprints at Duff.
  • Watch out for aggressive species: fish with a small red diamond above their head will attack you if they notice you. You can still catch these aggressive fish species, either by killing them or using non-lethal means such as the net gun or tranquilizer dart. However, they will continue to chase you until you are either far enough away from them or catch them. Aggressive species can provide some good dishes, but you should avoid getting hit by them, especially at the beginning of the game. Your oxygen tank acts as a health bar in Dave the Diver. If you get hit, your oxygen will be depleted and your dive will be shortened.
  • Keep the dishes in mind: It is difficult to keep track of the ingredients for certain dishes in “Dave the Diver” as there are a large number of ingredients and recipes. However, you can steer your dive in a certain direction. For example, catching several specimens of the same species of fish allows you to improve the quality of the dish in the evening. The most important thing is how you catch the fish. “Dave the Diver” includes a star rating for each fish you catch, based on how much meat you get from the fish.This is how it works: One star: You killed the fish. Two stars: You damaged the fish but caught it before it died. Three stars: You caught the fish without damaging it. At the beginning, your standard harpoon causes some damage to the fish, so you will initially achieve many two-star catches. As the game progresses, you can unlock non-lethal fishing methods such as the net gun and tranquilizer dart, which allow you to achieve a three-star rating. A higher star rating brings more meat, which allows you to upgrade your dishes for more flavor.

Dave The Diver: Tips and tricks for the sushi restaurant

In the evening, you open Bancho’s sushi bar to serve dishes and earn money. Here are some tips on how to make the most of every evening:

  • Concentrate on taste rather than price: There are two main characteristics of a dish: taste and price. It’s important to make gold from your sushi restaurant, but in the beginning you should focus on getting the best flavor out of your food. Better flavor leads to happier customers, but more importantly, it increases your rating on the Cooksta app. Increasing your rating in the Cooksta app unlocks new sushi recipes, more menu slots and more space for staff. It’s the essential way to improve your sushi restaurant. So always keep an eye on the customer experience to boost your Cooksta rating
  • Improve simple dishes: As your carrying capacity increases, you can bring back many simple fish from each dive. These are not worthless, even if you already have some sophisticated dishes on the menu. You can enhance the flavor of a dish by sacrificing some of your ingredients. That’s why it’s important to focus on catching a large number of a certain type of fish on your early dives. These improved dishes will cost more, bring in more revenue and taste better, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. Even if they aren’t the star of your menu, improved simple dishes can fill in the gaps on your menu. Even better, improving a dish is permanent. Try to improve dishes on your menu whenever possible, even if it means sacrificing some ingredients. Over time, you’ll be able to benefit from high-class dishes as you expand your fish farm and catch rarer fish in the depths.
  • Fill up your menu: Before you open the sushi bar each night, you need to set the menu. It’s important to create a compelling menu from the start, taking into account both the price and flavor of each dish, and to keep the menu stocked with dishes throughout the evening. At any point, you can open the menu while the sushi bar is open and swap out dishes that you have run out of ingredients for. This pauses the shift so you don’t have to rush
  • Hire staff to help out Early in the game, you unlock the ability to hire staff for your sushi bar. Your first employee is a waiter, and shortly after they join the team, you’ll see a lot more customers. Place ads for new staff as often as possible and try to have staff in both the kitchen and the dining room. Splitting your staff is key to running your sushi restaurant efficiently. If you have two staff members in the dining room but none in the kitchen, you’ll create a bottleneck where customers won’t get their dishes on time.

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