Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to find the secret door

by Corinna

The secret door in Disney Dreamlight Valley is an important location for Mickey Mouse’s final friendship task. It is easy to overlook

Find the secret door in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you have to find the door of the same name as part of the quest The Secret Door. This is Mickey Mouse’s final friendship task and the door in question is not immediately obvious.

  • You will receive the quest from friendship level 10 after you have unlocked the Sunny Plain. You will receive a reminder showing a door with several jewels on the front. This is exactly what you need to find
  • The secret door is a little hidden in the dream castle. Enter the entrance hall and keep to the right. Do not go up the stairs.
  • You will see four potted plants blocking the rest of the way. Check them and you will see a gap through which you can walk.
  • Afterwards you will see a purple curtain. Behind this is the secret door.
  • To open it, you need to solve the gemstone puzzle. For this, you need to find the four matching gems to open the door. You can mine all these gems yourself

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