Dreamlight Valley: How to obtain onions

by Johannes

Onions in Disney Dreamlight Valley are important ingredients for many dishes. You can either obtain individual onions or seeds

Get onions in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can get onions from Goofy in the Forest of Valor in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can unlock this for 3,000 Dreamlights.

  • You must then upgrade Goofy’s stall to level 2. Only from this level does the funny dog sell everything to do with onions
  • You can either buy a pre-grown onion for 255 gold or an onion seed for 50 gold. If you need more than one onion, you should purchase the onion seeds.
  • To grow an onion from an onion seed, you need to plant it. The growing time is 85 minutes and it must be watered twice before you can harvest it.

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