Elden Ring: Deceptive Tower – how to solve the puzzle

by Johannes

In Elden Ring you can only find the deceptive tower if you make it visible by solving a puzzle. To do this, you must first track down the three phantom crests.

How to solve the riddle of the deceptive tower in Elden Ring

The deceptive tower in Elden Ring is located on the Altus Plateau and is invisible at first. To change this, you must seek out the three phantom crests, touch them and thus break the seal lying above the tower. To do this, cross the destroyed bridge in the south and find the goblin statue with book in the western part of the forest.

  • After an interaction with the statue start the quest. You will be given the deceptive map on which the phantom crests are marked and which is different from the world map with the cardinal directions. North on the map, is west on the world map.
  • For the coat of arms, confirm “Touch phantom coat of arms”. You will find the first one right next to the gnome statue. Southwest of the tower, you will find the next crest where some phantom wights are attacking. They will not disappear until you touch the crest.
  • Claime of arms three is hidden under a rock on the left side of the destroyed bridge in the east. Once all three coats of arms have been touched, the tower appears, which you can now enter.

This is what you will find in the deceptive tower

Once the tower is unlocked, you can climb directly to its top. Up there you will find a corpse, items and two spells that can help you in the further course.

  • 5 slumbering eggs
  • Invisible Blade: a night spell that makes the weapon in the right hand invisible
  • Invisible Shape: makes the player himself invisible

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