Fortnite: Give the Battle Pass as a gift – here’s how to do it

by Tobias

Fortnite is still a popular game and if you want to give a friend a treat, you can give away the Battle Pass. It’s done in just a few clicks

Give away Fortnite Battle Pass: Instructions

Fortnite is known for constant expansions of the map, items and gameplay. In addition, there are nice features like giving away the Battle Pass.

  • Start the game.
  • Next you need to enable two-factor authentication.
  • If you haven’t added your friend to the Epic Games friends list yet, you need to do that now.
  • Now click on the current Battle Pass in the Fortnite item store. It can also be found in the main menu.
  • When you get to the Battle Pass screen, the next thing you need to do is select “Battle Pass”.
  • Now you will find the “Give away Battle Pass” button in the bottom left corner. Click on this button.
  • After that, a new screen will open. Here you can choose which friend you would like to give the Battle Pass to.
  • Once you have selected your friend, all you need to do is click on “Continue”. You will then be redirected to the payment screen. After confirmation, the Battle Pass will then go to your friend.


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