Jester’s checkmate: Checkmate in 3 moves – How it works

by Corinna

In chess, you can checkmate your opponent in just a few moves with the so-called fool’s mate. However, this only works if your opponent is inexperienced and moves clumsily.

Checkmate in just a few moves – this is how the fool’s check works

The so-called fool’s mate is only possible very rarely. It actually only works if your opponent is an absolute novice at chess and opens very clumsily. In our instructions you play with the black pieces.

  • For the fool’s mate to work, your teammate must open with the move pawn from F2 to F3.
  • You then reply with the move pawn E7 to E6 or E5.
  • To enable a fool’s mate, your teammate must now move his pawn from G2 to G4.
  • This clears the way for the fool’s mate: if you move your queen from D8 to H4, your opponent is already checkmate.

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