Linking Origin to Steam: How to connect and disconnect.

by Michaela

Games from EA usually require you to link your Origin account with Steam in order to play the game. Here’s a quick explanation of how it all works

Link Origin with Steam – how to connect the platforms

For most of EA’s games you need the Origin platform. This is true even if you bought the game on Steam. You don’t have to do much to link the two platforms together.

  • Usually it is enough to start the game via Steam after installation. The client will then automatically open Origin, which will ask you for your login details.
  • If you haven’t installed Origin before, it’s not so bad, as the game will now prompt you to download and install it.
  • Once you have logged in, your two accounts are linked.
  • Important: Although the two accounts are now linked, the games you already own on Origin will not be added to your Steam library. Only games you have purchased on Steam will be added to your Origin library. However, if you download free EA games on Steam, once the account is linked to Origin, it will also be transferred to Steam and you can easily play the game there.
  • After installation, you can optionally disable automatic updates from Origin.

How to disconnect Origin and Steam account again after they have been linked

Origin and Steam accounts can be both linked and unlinked. Reasons for a separation can be different. For example, the wrong account may have been selected by mistake when linking and you now want to fix this error.

  • Hover over your profile in the bottom left corner of the Origin client. In the menu that opens, click on EA Account and Billing.
  • A browser window opens in which you now click on Connections at the bottom left. Here you will find a list of all existing connections to other services such as Twitch, Amazon and, of course, Steam.
  • To the right of each connection, you will find the Unlink button, which you can use to disconnect the existing link.
  • Please note that disconnecting can also be disadvantageous for you. This is because information from your original EA account and the game purchases and progress associated with it will not be transferred to the new account. This means that EA games purchased through Steam can only be played in conjunction with the Origin account used for the initial linking.
  • Important: After you have disconnected the link and now want to connect the Steam account to another EA account, you cannot disconnect the new account for six months. You should therefore be one hundred percent sure that it is the correct EA account that you want to link to your Steam account. A new link to the original EA account is possible again after this lockout.

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