Remnant 2: Unlock the Summoner – here’s how

by Pramith

If you want to unlock the Summoner archetype in Remnant 2, you need the Faded Grimoire. You’ll have to be patient for this one

Unlock Summoner in Remnant 2: Procedure

The Summoner is one of the unlockable classes in Remnant 2, allowing you to summon Minions to fight alongside you. You can access the archetype through the Faded Grimoire.

  • You can obtain the grimoire via the Blood Moon Altar, which can only be found in the Yaesha area. The altar spawns randomly and there is no exact location for it
  • In addition to 1,500 scrap metal and five lumenite crystals, you also need 15 blood moon essences. This is a resource that you can only farm during a blood moon in Yaesha.
  • Blood moons also appear randomly and can be recognized by their red glow. If you enter Yaesha and there is no blood moon, you must leave the area and come back later.
  • During a blood moon, you must keep an eye out for small, pinkish-purple ghosts and kill them. They drop the required blood moon essences
  • Use the materials to go to the Blood Moon Altar and grab the Faded Grimoire. Then travel to Station 13 and visit Wallace
  • The mystic takes the grimoire from you. You must then pay him 1,000 scrap metal and ten lumenite crystals to unlock the summoner.

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