Sons of the Forest: How to find and use gliders

by Pramith

Gliders in Sons of the Forest carry you over long distances without you having to worry about cannibals or other enemies

Sons of the Forest: Where to find gliders

Gliders can be found in a variety of locations in Sons of the Forest.

  • The means of transportation is spread across the entire island. More than ten are available, and you can even take them with you. This is not a stationary item
  • Gliders are primarily found on cliffs, rocky outcrops and in the central mountains of the island. In keeping with the type of locomotion, they are placed in elevated locations so that they can be used directly
  • gliders are easily recognizable by their shape. This makes it quite easy to find them from a greater distance.
  • When transporting a glider, pay attention to its size. It can easily get tangled up in trees and undergrowth if you transport it through a forest.

Sons of the Forest: Use gliders

Once you’ve got yourself a glider in Sons of the Forest, you need to use it properly to get the most out of it.

  • Gliders are not motorized. You can only drop from a greater height and use the lift to glide over a greater distance
  • For this reason, you should always look for an elevated spot to use the glider. Once you have found a suitable spot, take the glider in your hand and jump.
  • Then press the left mouse button to use the glider. As soon as you are gliding, you can control the vehicle with the arrow keys.
  • Landing is only possible as soon as you touch down with your feet. There is no specific button with which you initiate the landing approach.

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