Vampire Survivors: Unlock the yellow shield – here’s how

by Pramith

You can unlock the Yellow Shield in Vampire Survivors by entering the corresponding area within the game

Vampire Survivors: Unlock the Yellow Shield

Vampires and the King in Yellow connect with the Yellow Shield in Vampire Survivors. The item is an allusion to the classic novel by Robert W. Chambers, which is considered the inspiration for the Cthulhu Mythos by H. P. Lovecraft.

  • To unlock the Yellow Shield, you must first survive at least 14 minutes in Moongolow. Only then will the Boos Moon Trinacria appear, which you must defeat
  • This is possible with all standard characters except Divano, Gallo, Sir Ambrojoe and Zi’Assunta. After you have defeated the boss, you will be transported to the Holy Forbidden
  • Within this area, you must keep to the east. The game will also point out the locations of the yellow sign and you can follow the cursor.
  • After you have made your way through the Holy Forbidden, you will receive a rosary. With this, you can walk through an invisible wall and collect the Yellow Shield
  • If you decide not to, you will be automatically teleported out of the Holy Forbidden after 30 seconds. This also happens after picking up the Yellow Shield.
  • The Holy Forbidden can no longer be entered after this. You will then find the yellow sign in your collection.

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