How to clean in-ear headphones

by Michaela

Cleaning is more frequent with in-ear headphones than with on-ear headphones. In order not to damage the sensitive headphones, you should proceed carefully when cleaning them.

Cleaning in-ear headphones – this is how it’s done

When cleaning in-ear headphones, it is important to take a few precautions. For example, only very few in-ear headphones can tolerate being held under running water. Many headphones are also sensitive to some chemicals.

  • Most in-ear headphones allow you to remove the ear cushions. If the ear pads are made of silicone, you don’t have to be quite so sparing with the water. You can clean them quite easily with a little washing-up liquid or soap. You can easily get into the corners of the headphones with cotton swabs.
  • If the in-ear headphones are very dirty, take a more radical approach to avoid the risk of ear infections. First remove the dirt with dry kitchen paper or similar, as far as possible.
  • Then use a disinfectant wipe and rub the earpieces carefully but thoroughly. Alternatively, moisten kitchen paper or a cotton swab with disinfectant or rubbing alcohol. However, you should be very careful with this cleaning method so that you do not damage the in-ear headphones.
  • Of course, water is taboo on the headphones themselves. If dirt has gotten through the protective grilles, you can try carefully removing dirt from them with a hairdryer on the lowest setting and with the coldest air possible.
  • Wadding sticks are not a good idea in this case, as the cotton head may get stuck behind the grille. Getting the cotton out again is usually a very tedious process.
  • If you have very sturdy in-ear headphones, carefully remove the dirt with compressed air. If the ear pads are already older, you can easily obtain new replacement pads for the in-ear headphones from specialist dealers.

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