Inches in centimeters: This is how big an inch is

by Johannes

Knowing how big an inch is in centimetres is particularly helpful if you want to determine the screen diagonal of devices

This is the size of an inch in centimeters

The screen diagonal of devices such as smartphones, televisions, tablets, etc. is usually given in inches.

  • One inch corresponds to 2.54 centimeters.
  • Inch is also often abbreviated with “in” for “inch” or simply with a quotation mark: 4.7″.
  • The screen diagonal is measured from one corner of the visible area to the opposite corner. Only the active, visible pixels are taken into account and not the frame of the device.
  • The screen diagonal not only influences the size of the image, but also the resolution and the user experience. Larger screens enable a higher resolution and a larger viewing area, which is particularly helpful when working with graphics or multitasking.

Practical examples and conversions for inches and centimeters

To convert the screen size of a device from inches to centimeters, multiply the inches by 2.54.

  • Smartphones: A standard smartphone display often has a size of 6 inches. Converted, this results in 6 x 2.54 = 15.24 cm.
  • Tablets: A tablet with a diagonal of 10 inches has a screen diagonal of 25.4 cm.
  • Television: For a television with a diagonal of 55 inches, the screen size is 139.7 cm (55 x 2.54).
  • Monitors: A computer screen with a diagonal of 24 inches has a diagonal of 60.96 cm.

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