Air conditioner drips: common causes and solutions

by Pramith

When the air conditioner drips, the performance of the unit can drop significantly. You can check the causes of this problem on your own

Air conditioner drips: full receiver or a defect

If you are the owner of a mobile air conditioner, an overfilled drip tray may be the cause of dripping. Mobile air conditioners produce condensation water. This is collected in a separate container that must be emptied regularly.

  • Therefore, if you forget to empty the container, the air conditioner often drips. To do this, simply empty the container and clean the unit. After that, it should no longer drip.
  • Tip: Check the seal for the condensation water hose on your air conditioner. If it is not seated properly or is damaged, water will drip from the hose into the living areas. If the seal is damaged, you will need to replace it.
  • There may be the unfortunate case that your air conditioner is faulty and therefore dripping. Unfortunately, a broken air conditioner always comes with a high cost if you want to take it to a professional for repair.
  • If there are no broken seals or no other simple repairs can be made, it is often worth buying a new one. Mobile air conditioners at reasonable prices are the ideal solution for this purpose.

Air conditioner drips: condensation water hose incorrectly routed

Fixed indoor air conditioners drip if the condensation water hose is routed incorrectly. If it is routed incorrectly, water will accumulate in large quantities and drip out of the unit. If you have access to the hose, check it for the following items and correct the problems:

  • Alignment: The hose must be routed outwards at an incline. If it is straight, standing water will be collected and directed into the living spaces. Simply lay the hose over a bracket, with the opening sloping downwards, to achieve this effect.
  • Wait level: Lay the hose completely horizontally and according to the slope. This reduces the chance of standing water. The hose is fixed in the horizontal position by wires, which makes it easy to transport the condensation water.
  • Height: Lay the hose as high as possible. This way, the water drips more easily down the slope to the outside and does not collect. Wires or brackets with which the hose is fixed are also suitable for this purpose.

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