Cleaning windows without streaks: The best home remedies

by Mike

If you want your windows to be streak-free after cleaning, you don’t need expensive window cleaners

With these household remedies you can clean windows streak-free

If you have a bucket of water and a clean cleaning cloth to hand, all you need is a suitable cleaning agent.

  • The classic household remedy is certainly a splash of washing-up liquid. Just a little is enough. If you do not dose the detergent correctly, streaks will remain
  • Vinegar is a real all-rounder when it comes to cleaning. The household remedy is also ideal for cleaning windows. Add a dash of it to warm water
  • Lemon juice is just as good as vinegar for cleaning windows.
  • Spirit is also a popular cleaning agent when it comes to clean windows. Ammonia also cleans windows. The disadvantage: ammonia has a very unpleasant smell
  • If you smoke, nicotine will build up on the windows. In this case, black tea is a suitable means of removing nicotine and grease from windows.
  • Boil a cup of black tea with two bags. Leave the tea to infuse for about ten minutes before adding it to the cleaning water.
  • To dry the windows, you can use a squeegee or simply dry the panes well with crumpled newspaper.

Washing windows – general tips

In addition to household remedies, there are a few basic and important tips for cleaning windows.

  • When you start cleaning the windows, wait until the sun is no longer shining directly on them
  • Dry the windows immediately after cleaning. Otherwise, the water will dry very quickly on the window, leaving unsightly streaks and smears – especially in warm weather.
  • Use water that is as warm as possible to clean the windows – your cleaning water should be at least lukewarm.
  • The cleaning cloths used must be absolutely soap-free. For this reason, you should avoid using fabric softener when washing the cleaning utensils.
  • When cleaning your windows, always clean the window frames at the same time. Otherwise the dirt from there will run over the windows the next time it rains.
  • If stubborn dirt, such as that caused by insects, cannot be removed with cleaning agents, a scraper like the one you use for the ceramic hob can help.

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