How useful dryer balls are: Here’s what you should know

by Pramith

When using a dryer, the question quickly arises whether dryer balls are useful or whether you can do without them. You can find out here what benefits they have.

How useful are dryer balls

If you use a dryer regularly, you may have thought about whether dryer balls are worthwhile or whether you can do without this household gadget. Dryer balls have many benefits that should make drying easier for you.

  • Dryer balls are designed to soften laundry from the tumble dryer and reduce drying time. They are usually the size of a tennis ball but much heavier.
  • If you put a dryer ball in the dryer with you, it will make the clothes separate better when the drum is spinning. This allows the air in the dryer to circulate better and the clothes dry faster.
  • Dryer balls can also store the heat from the dryer and in turn release it to the clothes, depending on the material. Therefore, your laundry will dry faster with a ball.
  • When the clothes do not stick together so much during the drying process, the fibres on the textiles can also unfold better. Therefore, dryer balls make for softer laundry.
  • Because dryer balls shorten the dryer’s running time, you save energy and time on ironing. In addition, you can do without fabric softener in the washing machine if you dry your laundry afterwards – dryer balls are therefore a very useful invention.

These different dryer balls are available

Dryer balls can be made of different materials. You will need about six to eight balls for a full machine.

  • Wool dryer balls absorb moisture from the laundry and attract pet hair. Wool dryer balls have the advantage that no chemicals can dissolve from the natural fibres and they are very quiet. However, wool dryer balls only last for about 100 dryer cycles.
  • Plastic dryer balls are very durable. Thanks to their nubs and pointed shapes, they provide extra-soft clothes, but should be used for less delicate textiles. These dryer balls tend to be noisy and may release chemicals after a while.
  • Ceramic dryer balls have a rough surface and a cavity inside. You can add water to this cavity to achieve very smooth laundry when evaporating. These balls are suitable for very wrinkled textiles, for example.
  • It is better not to use tennis balls instead of dryer balls. They can rub off on your clothes, chemicals or adhesives can come off due to the heat. The tennis balls can also cause an imbalance in the dryer and damage the appliance in the long run.

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