Moving: What do you need for a smooth move?

by Johannes

Those who know exactly what they need for a smooth move will save themselves a lot of stress and hassle. Because the better the move into the new home is organised, the more relaxed the move can be carried out.

What do you need for a move? – This is what you should have

Most people move sooner or later in life, many even several times. A move is a mammoth task that should be well thought out and planned. Then everything goes more smoothly on moving day.

  • Organise a lorry or van for your move in good time, or get quotes from removal companies. They are often booked up months in advance.
  • Try to get as many helping hands as possible for moving day. Friends and acquaintances will certainly be happy to lend a hand. The more helpers you have, the quicker you will get the furniture and your boxes, as well as small items, into your new home. Make sure you have enough food and drink for yourself and your helpers.
  • To ensure that your belongings arrive safely packed and undamaged at your new home, you should not only buy sturdy moving boxes, but also packing paper and bubble wrap. It is better to be a little more generous in your calculations.
  • If you have children or animals, you should organise childcare for the day of the move. This will free your mind and hands for the move and save your children and animals the stress of moving.

How to prepare for moving day

Moving starts long before the actual moving day. Because many things have to be done and clarified beforehand.

  • Remember to give notice to your old flat in good time and submit a forwarding request before the move. You can date this to the day of the actual move. That way you can concentrate on other things on the day of the move.
  • Register in good time and also inform your utilities. Also remember to give your new address to insurance companies, newspaper subscriptions, banks, telephone providers, the fee collection centre and the like. If you own a vehicle, it must also be re-registered.
  • If you have children, remember to register them in good time at the new nursery or school. Of course, this step does not apply if you move within your current place of residence. However, even then you should remember to give your new address there.
  • Start packing in good time. Most things you rarely need in your daily life. Books, decorations, many items of clothing, toys and crockery can be packed long before you move. Pack the things you need again quickly in a separate box just before the move.

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