Smoke detector: Changing the battery – what you need to watch out for

by Corinna

You will have to change the battery in almost every smoke detector at some point. In this article, we have summarized how such a device indicates that a battery change is necessary and what you need to look out for

Changing the battery in a smoke detector – what you should look out for

Smoke detectors are mandatory in most federal states in Germany.

  • Smoke detectors approved in Germany must meet certain criteria in accordance with a specific DIN standard. For example, a device must give an audible signal at least 30 days before the battery runs out.
  • The smoke detector then beeps every 30 seconds, alerting you to the upcoming battery change. The signal only stops when you have changed the battery
  • Some models also provide information via a flashing LED. However, there are also many devices where a flashing LED indicates that the smoke detector is ready for operation. A look at the operating instructions provides information about the LED signal
  • Tip: A functioning smoke detector is important for your safety. Therefore, do not rely solely on the device’s signals. Ideally, you should check the smoke alarm once a week to make sure it is working properly. All you need to do is briefly press the test button on the smoke detector. You should then hear a signal tone
  • Some smoke detectors do not allow battery replacement. These are so-called 10-year smoke detectors. These devices are now quite inexpensive, but must be disposed of and replaced as soon as the battery performance decreases.
  • If you need to replace the battery, follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the operating manual. Incidentally, the standard for smoke detectors also stipulates that the devices cannot be closed without a battery. Therefore, if you remove the old battery, you must also insert a new one
  • It is advisable for the consumer world to use the same type of battery again. If you do not want to change the batteries for a long time, you can use high-quality 9-volt lithium batteries. These last up to ten years.

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