Amazon Shopping Event: What to expect on Prime Day 2022

by Mike

Amazon Prime Day 2022 is the deal event for all Prime members of the online shopping giant. After Amazon already held a Prime Day in July this year, the date for the second Prime shopping event has now been set: the second Amazon Prime Day 2022 will take place on 11 and 12 October

This is why you shouldn’t miss Amazon Prime Day 2022

For the first time in Prime Day history, there will be two bargain events within one year. All Prime members for whom the first Prime Day did not offer enough special deals will now get their second chance.

  • Prime Day lasts 48 hours. During this time, as a Prime member, you get the chance to grab heavily discounted bargains and discounts.
  • Heavily discounted products are available in the following categories: Electronics, Clothing, Housewares, Toys, Baby, Jewellery or Car Accessories – if you’re looking for something specific, it’s worth waiting until Prime Day to make your purchase and check out the discounts
  • The online giant is also expected to offer attractive deals on its in-house brands, including certainly the Amazon Fire TV Stick or the smart Amazon Echo.
  • The international event starts on 11 October at 0:00 am and ends at the end of 12 October at 11:59 pm.
  • Ideally, create a digital wish list on Amazon before the event and remember the prices. On Prime Day, you can check the prices and grab a good deal right away.

This is what you should know about Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has even more to offer than the shopping event. We give you the best tips for using the service.

  • Before you sign up for Amazon Prime membership, you should familiarise yourself with exactly how the service works.
  • By signing up for a trial month of Amazon Prime, you can enjoy Amazon Prime Day for free. However, don’t forget to cancel the service after the trial month.
  • You should not sign up for the membership exclusively for Amazon Prime Day. Check out the other benefits of Amazon Prime beforehand.
  • The cost of an Amazon Prime membership varies depending on your life situation. For example, working people pay more than students.

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