Sadge: Meaning of the meme explained

by Corinna

Sadge is an internet meme that is widely used online, especially on the streaming platform Twitch, and on 4chan. Read what it means.

What does Sadge mean?

“Sadge” is an emoticon commonly used in the online community, especially on the streaming platform Twitch. It is a combination of the words “sad” and “cringe”.

  • Sadge is used to express sadness or disappointment. For example, it can be used when something bad has happened or you feel down. It is also often used in response to sad or unfortunate events in a stream or in chat communication.
  • Sadge is an informal expression used mainly in online communication and may not be appropriate in all situations. It is a way of expressing feelings and showing compassion, especially in gaming and streaming culture.

Origin of Sadge

The exact origin of “Sadge” as an emoticon is not clearly documented, as emoticons and memes often arise organically in online communities.

  • It is claimed that Sadge was first used on the website 4chan before it became popular on Twitch.
  • Users Redshell and vicneeel are said to have then uploaded Sadge to BetterTTV and FrankerFaceZ. Soon after, the emote became popular on Twitch.
  • Sadge is closely associated with Twitch’s emote community, where users can create their own emoticons and use them in chat messages. These emotes can be created by the streamers or the Twitch community itself and used in the platform’s chats.
  • Sadge is often used in conjunction with a specific emoticon showing the face of John “TotalBiscuit” Bain, a late British game critic and YouTuber. The emoticon shows his face, which has a sad expression. This particular emoticon is referred to as “FeelsBadMan” and is closely associated with Sadge.
  • The exact connection between Sadge and FeelsBadMan is not entirely clear, but it is believed that Sadge is an abbreviated or modified form of FeelsBadMan and has evolved over time.
  • It is important to note that the meaning and usage of emoticons can change over time and depend on the online community. Therefore, it is possible that the meaning of Sadge may evolve or be interpreted differently in different contexts.

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