Tick bite itches – what you can do

by Pramith

If you have been bitten by a tick and the bite itches, this can be a sign of infection. We tell you what to do now in this practical tip.

Tick bite itches – this is unusual

  • As a rule, a tick bite is completely free of pain and itchy feelings. After the bite, the tick secretes an anaesthetic directly, so you don’t notice the bite or its effects
  • The saliva of the tick also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Your body therefore only reacts to the parasite minutes to hours after the bite. Itching is extremely unusual, but not necessarily dangerous either.

Tick bites itch: This may be the reason

No matter how itchy it is, if a tick bite starts to itch, you should have the bite looked at by a doctor. He or she will quickly see if anything needs to be done.

  • In the best case, the itching is just an allergic reaction. Some people are particularly sensitive to the saliva of ticks.
  • But the bite can also get bacteria into the wound. Borrelia bacteria in particular can lead to problems if left untreated. You can find the other signs of Lyme disease in a special article.
  • In the meantime, do not scratch the bite. This will only allow more bacteria to get into the wound. Cooling ointments, cooling compresses or ice cubes will relieve the itching until the doctor helps you further.

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