What is a hacker? Simply explained

by Corinna

Even if you don’t understand exactly what a hacker does, you will have some idea of what a hacker is. Hackers are at home in the realm of computer science and can use their skills for illegal purposes as well as to make positive things happen

What a hacker is: This is what lies behind the term

The term “hacker” is an Anglicism derived from the verb “to hack”, which means “(to penetrate something)”.

  • A hacker is a person who changes the way hardware and software works by deliberately modifying and manipulating it. This can involve the introduction of malware, but also the theft of data.
  • Hackers are often associated with the unauthorised and illegal intrusion into IT systems of companies, private individuals and even government authorities.
  • Hackers with criminal intentions are called “black-hat hackers”. But there are also white-hat hackers who use their skills to expose vulnerabilities in IT systems so that they can be patched up before a real cyber attack occurs.
  • In addition, there are “grey-hat hackers” who operate in a legal grey area. Unlike white-hat hackers, they are not commissioned to hack, but usually work on their own.

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