What is GMX? Simply explained

by Pramith

Many people ask themselves what GMX is. The name stands for one of the oldest web portals in Germany

What is GMX? Web portal and e-mail provider

The term GMX (Global Message eXchange) refers to a web and news portal of the German 1&1 Mail & Media GmbH from Montabaur.

  • GMX was founded in 1997 and is synonymous with the email inboxes of the same name, which potential users can set up independently of their end device. These are available as a free FreeMail version or as a monthly subscription.
  • The email addresses associated with the mailboxes usually use the domain gmx.de or gmx.net. The mailboxes also offer cloud storage.
  • In addition to the e-mail inboxes, GMX is primarily used as a web portal. There you will find news, the GMX advantage world, comparative values and other information.

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