Where can I find my Google reviews? Simply explained

by Mike

“Where can I find my Google reviews?” is an important question if you like to review places or shops online or are an owner yourself.

“Where do I find my Google reviews?”: Instructions

Search for your reviews on Google that you have written yourself or someone has written about your business, you can find them through the browser or your mobile device:

  • Browser: Open the Google Maps website. Click on the three dashes at the top left. You can see the reviews you have written by clicking on “My reviews ☻ Reviews”.
  • Mobile devices: You can access reviews from your mobile device via the Google Maps app. In the app, tap your profile in the top right corner. You can view your submitted reviews via “My Profile ☻ Reviews “
  • Find reviews for your own business: Go to Google Maps on your computer or mobile device. Type in the name of your business or the business you are interested in. Reviews will be listed under the name or label.
  • To reply to reviews about your business, click on your business profile and look for “Reviews ☻ Reply” in the list.

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