Add PayPal to Apple Pay: These are the alternatives

by Pramith

Those who want to add PayPal to Apple Pay face a problem. Unfortunately, you can’t add PayPal as an alternative to your credit card. But there are alternatives to pay with PayPal on the go

Add PayPal to Apple Pay is not possible

Apple Pay and PayPal are both payment service providers. PayPal can be used to transfer or pay money to friends, family members or when shopping online. Apple Pay, however, can only be linked to banks so far.

  • When shopping online, payment and delivery of the goods usually happen at different times. However, as an intermediary, PayPal reports the transaction more quickly than, for example, a bank transfer, which takes days.
  • Apple Pay can display the transaction immediately at the checkout and, for example, debit money from the current account, a virtual credit card or the credit card account.
  • But so far it is not possible to use PayPal with Apple Pay. This already works with Google Pay, but not on the iPhone.
  • Why you can’t add PayPal to Apple Pay is presumably fees. Because Apple wants to make money from the payments business and gets more commission on transactions that it does itself – i.e. where another company like PayPal isn’t making money too.

iPhone: Pay with PayPal

If you still want to pay with your iPhone, you have several options for using PayPal:

  • If you shop in a small shop, the shopkeepers often accept in a conversation to transfer the money via PayPal.
  • In addition, there is the option for shops to unlock payment by QR code. In that case, you can scan the code and pay.
  • Unfortunately, many shops do not have these options because there is not enough demand for them or they are simply too costly. But maybe one or two retailers will offer this soon if you can convince them.

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