Screenshot on the iPhone – how it works

by Johannes

Screenshots with the iPhone can be taken directly using a key combination. This depends on the iPhone model

Take screenshots with the iPhone

If you want to take a screenshot with your iPhone, you must use a key combination.

  • If it is an iPhone with Face ID (from iPhone 12), press the side and volume up buttons at the same time. Release both buttons again quickly
  • For a model with Touch ID, a different key combination is required. To do this, press the home and side buttons simultaneously and also only briefly.
  • A small preview image is then displayed at the bottom left. You can view it and edit it directly.
  • Note: All screenshots can be found in the Photos folder within the Screenshots album.

Full-page iPhone screenshots: Guide

iPhones even allow screenshots of an entire page. This works as follows:

  • Take a screenshot as described above. Then select the small preview image:
  • You will be shown various settings. Click on Entire page. With Done, the page is processed as a complete screenshot.
  • Finally, you must decide whether you want to save the screenshot in photos or as a PDF in files. You will then find the screenshot in the corresponding folder.

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