Stolen Device Mode: How the iPhone theft protection works

by Corinna

Stolen Device Mode is a comprehensive theft and access protection for the iPhone. This is intended to provide an additional layer of security

iPhone: Stolen Device Mode in detail

Your iPhone contains a lot of data and information. To prevent this from falling into the wrong hands, Apple provides Stolen Device Mode (protection for stolen devices).

  • Stolen Device Mode uses additional security measures to protect your iPhone from unauthorized access. The focus here is primarily on biometric authentication via Touch or Face ID.
  • These are necessary, for example, if you want to use saved payment methods via Safari or apply for an additional Apple Card. In this case, you can only carry out the process after a successful Face ID or Touch ID query
  • The mode also relies on delays for actions that are particularly relevant to security. One example is changing your Apple password.
  • To carry this out, you must wait 60 minutes. Only then can you authenticate yourself again and make the adjustments.
  • Stolen Device Mode is used in conjunction with Apple location services to determine the position of the iPhone. If it is not in a familiar location, the mode is switched on automatically
  • Familiar places include, for example, your home or workplace. They are automatically classified as familiar by your iPhone as long as you spend a lot of time there.

Enable Stolen Device Mode: Instructions

If you want to activate the security measure on your iPhone, proceed as follows:

  • You need two-factor authentication for your Apple ID before you can use this function. You also need one of the following login methods: Face ID, Touch ID or device code.
  • Then activate the location services in your smartphone settings and install the Where is? You can only use Stolen Device Mode once you have made these preparations
  • Then go to the settings on your iPhone. Navigate to the Face ID & Code tab. Then enter the device code
  • You will now be presented with a variety of options. Search for protection for stolen devices to activate the function. You can deactivate the protection again in the same way
  • Important: If you want to sell or change your iPhone, you must deactivate protection beforehand.

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