Busuu: Cancel your subscription – here’s how

by Corinna

You should cancel your Busuu subscription in good time if you are no longer interested in the training courses on offer. If you fail to cancel your Busuu subscription, your contract with the language course provider will be automatically renewed.

Cancel your Busuu subscription – this is how it works

If you do not cancel your Busuu premium subscription in time, your membership will be automatically renewed. The respective renewal depends on the subscription and is extended accordingly for the same period of time. For example, if you have a six-month subscription, your membership will be renewed for another six months.

  • To cancel the premium subscription with the language provider, first log in to Busuu.
  • Follow this by clicking on “Settings”. Under the settings you will find the option “Subscription”.
  • After you have accessed “Subscription”, you will see the conditions of your subscription as well as the green button “Cancel Premium Subscription”. As soon as you click on it, you will end your Busuu subscription.
  • Your membership information will also show you the time remaining on your current Busuu subscription. Of course, you may still use this after cancelling.
  • If you have problems cancelling your language subscription, you can contact Busuu via the service page.
  • Note: If you have taken out your Busuu subscription via the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store, you must also cancel it via your account there. In addition, the contract conditions concluded there apply.

Easy and convenient: Cancel your Busuu subscription directly here

An easy way to cancel your contract is via our partner Aboalarm. All you have to do is enter your personal details in the pre-formulated letter of cancellation. Then print out the letter and send it to the address provided. Optionally, Aboalarm can even take care of the cancellation completely for you: the cancellation service then costs a small amount, depending on the payment method you choose.

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