Cleaning a whiteboard – this is how it’s done

by Pramith

You can clean a whiteboard as quickly as you write on it. In this practical tip, we show you how to increase the life of the whiteboard with the right cleaning.

Cleaning the whiteboard: Wipes and cleaners

To avoid leaving any residue on your whiteboard, you should clean it thoroughly on a regular basis.

  • For quick and occasional cleaning, a whiteboard sponge is perfectly adequate. Simply wipe the writing off the board with it.
  • For a thorough cleaning, you should use a special whiteboard cleaner. Spray some cleaner on the surface and wipe it dry with a piece of household paper.

Keep your whiteboard clean: The best tips

Prevent stubborn residue from forming on your whiteboard in the first place with these useful tips.

  • Only use the appropriate board markers for whiteboards. Other waterproof pens are not made for whiteboards and make cleaning more difficult.
  • If you have used the wrong pens or if the whiteboard does not become completely clean after several months or years, you can use rubbing alcohol. This will get rid of even stubborn dirt.
  • If you choose a whiteboard with an enamelled surface instead of a cheap model with a plastic coating, cleaning is easier and the board will last longer.

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