Fitbit Versa: Using WhatsApp – here’s how

by Mike

Your Fitbit Versa not only enriches you with various fitness functions, but also by allowing you to receive WhatsApp messages on it. We explain how this works on your smartwatch here in this practical tip.

Fitbit Versa: Activate notifications and WhatsApp

Although you can’t install WhatsApp on your Fitbit Versa, you can still read your messages on your smartwatch with a few tricks. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Basically, it is important that you always have your smartphone close by. The maximum distance is 9 metres. This will ensure undisturbed data transmission.
  • Install the Fitbit app on your mobile phone. This can be done free of charge for Android and iOS via their respective app stores. If you already have it, update it.
  •  After that, connect your mobile phone with Bluetooth.
  • Follow this, check that your device continues to receive app notifications. In addition, activate this function for WhatsApp.
  • Next, go to the dashboard of your Fitbit app. There, click on your account and on your Fitbit Versa.
  • Finally, sync your smartphone with your smartwatch. To do this, follow the respective steps under “Messages”.

WhatsApp features on your smartwatch

To read and reply to WhatsApp messages on your Fitbit Versa, do the following:

  • When you receive a new message, your smartwatch will vibrate.
  • If you don’t have time to read it at that moment, your watch will save the message. However, keep in mind that your Fitbit Versa reaches its storage capacity at 30 notifications.
  • However, you can counteract this by deleting old messages immediately each time.
  • When you are ready to retrieve them, slide your finger vertically across the display and press the top button at the same time.
  • If you want to reply to your contact, tap on “Quick Reply”.
  • To send a standard reply or change it with a maximum of 60 characters on your smartphone. You can find more emojis under the field of the same name on your Fitbit.
  • If you have the Fitbit Versa 2, send a voice message instead. To do this, select the microphone icon, speak into it and click “Send”.

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