ISS flyovers: How to find the space station in the sky

by Flo

The ISS can be seen regularly in the sky and on the livestream during one of its flyovers. Find out where you can find the space station in this practical tip

ISS Overflights – how to find the International Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) flies across the sky several times a day and can regularly be seen with the naked eye during one of its overflights. The following apps and websites will help you find it.

– On the websites of Astroviewer, ISSTracker and NASA you can find the current position of the ISS.
   With Astroviewer and NASA’s ISS tracking, you can also enter your location to get upcoming overflights listed.
– Apps like Satellite Tracker, ISS Live Now and other free apps also let you see your current position and upcoming overflights.
– With the apps, you have the advantage that the position of the device and the gyroscope on the screen can show you when and where you will see the ISS.
– Be aware that the ISS is only visible to the naked eye when it is dark and the sky is clear.

ISS Livestream

– The ISS streams up-to-the-minute video of the Earth from space 24 hours a day.
– You can access the livestream in several ways.
– On your computer, you can watch the livestream via the official website of NASA.
– Via the “ISS Live Now” app, you can access the livestream as well as the current location of the ISS. The app is available for iOS and Android.

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