Journey to Mars: That’s how long the flight takes

by Johannes

A flight to Mars has a duration that doesn’t even reach a year. Nevertheless, you spend most of it in the spaceship.

This is how long a flight to Mars takes

At about 260 days, a flight to Mars takes less than a whole year. The fact that Mars is a moving target plays a particularly important role here.

  • A static Mars could theoretically be reached in 39 days. However, to do this, you have to get the angle right at launch or you miss the planet.
  • For everything to work out, both Mars and Earth have to be in the right position, but this only happens every 26 months.
  • In reality, however, this very trajectory must be adjusted during the journey itself. With a route of this length, a correction every 15 days is sufficient. After about 9 months, the destination is then reached.

More information about a Mars flight

It’s not just the duration of a flight to Mars that carries risks. Besides technical problems, a trip to Mars should never last longer than four years. After that, the risk of damage from radiation from space increases.

  • This, of course, drives up the planning and cost of a Mars flight. In addition, weight plays a role in the duration of the journey.
  • More ballast also means more fuel to launch the spacecraft. That’s why only probes have been sent to Mars so far.
  • It will still be a while before humans are sent to Mars. Especially because they will be on the road for a whole year first.

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