What is Snooze? Simply explained

by Pramith

What is “Snooze”, many people who encounter the term for the first time wonder. There are several meanings for the word.

What is “Snooze”?: An overview of all meanings of the term

The term snooze comes from the English language and can be translated most simply as “slumber” or a “nap”. The various applications of the term can be derived from this.

  • The word is most commonly used for a function on alarm clocks. The snooze function is used to switch off the alarm clock after it rings.
  • After a set period of time, the alarm clock rings again. This function can theoretically be used permanently to sleep longer.
  • Further similar to AFK, Snooze describes a period of time during which you are not present at the computer or on the mobile phone in chat. Whether you are asleep or not is usually irrelevant.
  • There is also a variation of snooze to describe a boring person. This is usually a negative comment.

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