Citing sources in PowerPoint: the right way to do it

by Johannes

Whether at work, at university or at school – a PowerPoint presentation must include a source citation.

PowerPoint: Citing sources correctly – here’s how to do it

To create the source citation in PowerPoint at the end of the presentation, add a new slide to the presentation. Then fill it with all the books, websites and journals you used for the research.

  • Website: For online sources, give the name of the website, followed by the direct URL from which you got the information.
  • In addition, you must indicate when you last accessed this online resource. If you have opened all the links recently, you can write at the end of the sources “All links were last accessed on 01.02.03 at 04:05”.
  • Literature: If literature was used in your presentation, you must indicate it separately from the online sources. Include here the title of the book, the author, the publisher, the year of publication and the pages used.
  • Footnote: If you have already linked sources as footnotes, you must still indicate them in the list of sources.
  • Note: Find out in advance whether other requirements apply to you, as schools and universities often have special requirements for the layout of presentations.

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