Insert file into Excel: These options are available

by Pramith

You can insert a file into Excel in different ways. You can embed it or link to it and then use it

Insert file in Excel: Embed

A variant for inserting a file in Excel is embedding the document. To do this, go to “Insert ☻ Object”.

  • Go to “Create from file”
  • Use “Browse” to select the file that you want to insert into Excel.
  • Go to “Insert ☻ Show as symbol” and save it with “OK”.

Link file via link: Instructions

So that Excel shows you the current version of your inserted document, link the file via a link.

  • Go to “Insert ☻ Object ☻ Create from file”.
  • Use “Browse ☻ Insert” to select your file.
  • You only need to activate the link and confirm with “OK”.

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