Metal credit cards – available from these providers

by Dani

If you are interested in a metal credit card, you are following a new trend that is supposed to give bank customers an additional feeling of luxury and value. Here we show you at which banks you can already get such credit cards.

Metal credit card: These providers already have them

Usually credit cards are made of plastic or are completely virtual. However, they can also be made from metal – for example, from the basic materials steel or titanium.

  • Revolut: The London-based bank is one of the few European providers to offer a credit card made of metal. This is a MasterCard. The card is made of steel and weighs 18 grams. You can get more information on the Revolut website.
  • N26: The direct bank based in Berlin specialises in banking with smartphones. But you can also get physical credit cards from N26 – including a metal credit card. This is also a MasterCard and you can choose between three different colours. Click here to go to the N26 website.
  • Apple: With the Apple Card, the tech giant from California introduced its own credit card at the beginning of 2019. This is to be used wherever contactless payments via Apple Pay are not yet available. Apple’s credit card is made of titanium and was launched in the US in August 2019. However, it is still unclear whether and when the Apple Card will be available in Germany. More information can be found on the American Apple website.

    What are the advantages of the metal credit card?

    • There are no tangible advantages to having a credit card made of metal instead of plastic. You can pay with the metal model at card terminals in the same way as with an ordinary plastic card.
    • Provided that you have a credit card made of metal, you can use it to make payments.
      However, there can be problems if you can only pay contactlessly at a terminal and don’t have your mobile device with Apple or Google Pay with you. Here you cannot use most metal credit cards.
    • With the Apple Card and some other cards, the credit card number, expiry date and CVC number are also no longer on the card. You will only find this data in your Apple Wallet.
    • In the end, the benefit of the metal card is therefore only the additional feeling of value and individuality. The look makes quite a difference compared to classic credit cards.

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