iPhone: Test the battery capacity – with this free tool.

by Mike

If you want to check the battery of your iPhone or iPad, you can test the capacity with a free programme. We show you what you need to do this.

Free test for iPhone batteries: Check battery capacity in a self-test

One of the biggest weaknesses of smartphones and tablets is still the battery. They drain themselves too quickly, the health of the battery drops too quickly and with it the maximum capacity.

  • Until now, anyone who wanted to check the health of their iPhone or iPad’s battery had to consult a Genius at Apple’s Genius Bar. The free tool CoconutBattery for Mac OS now helps more quickly and without fuss.
  • This freeware has been a great tool for Macs for some time to check the health of the battery and its charging cycles. CoconutBattery now also supports iOS devices and thus also provides detailed information on iPhone, iPad and iPod batteries.
  • With this tool you can clearly see the current charge level, the maximum capacity and the status of your battery. The charging cycles that have already been carried out are also indicated.
  • This can quickly explain common problems with the battery, such as the charge level dropping too quickly. However, you should bear in mind that a 100 percent state of health is very unlikely and can only be achieved by brand new devices.
  • Up to a state of about 80 percent, you will hardly notice any deterioration. Only when the battery drops below this level does more frequent charging become necessary. Then it may be worth changing the iPhone battery.

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