Steam: Can you cash out your Steam balance?

by Corinna

Many Steam users are wondering whether they can cash out their Steam balance. This accumulates, for example, through sales on the account

Steam: It is not possible to withdraw credit

The Steam balance cannot be paid out. You have various options for using the available amount:

  • Firstly, it is possible to use the money directly to buy games or items via Steam, for example.
  • You can also offer friends a kind of voucher. For example, if one of your friends wants to buy something via Steam, you can do this and have the money returned to you.
  • You can buy popular items for games on Steam, which you can then sell on an external platform. In this way, you can have the credit paid out in real money in a roundabout way. Please note that, depending on the platform, fees may be charged, so you will not usually receive the full amount.
  • Tip: It’s worth keeping an eye out for items that are in demand, such as CS:GO items.

Get credit back from Steam: When this is possible

As a rule, Steam does not pay out the credit, which is why it is best to use one of the tips mentioned above. However, there are exceptions:

  • If you have purchased the credit via Steam by mistake, you can have the purchase refunded within 14 days. To do this, you must contact Steam Support.
  • If you have not topped up the credit yourself, such as through access by a third party, it is also important to contact support. You may receive the amount of the top-up credit back as a gesture of goodwill

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