WhatsApp: Change status

by Mike

To change your status in WhatsApp, you need to proceed slightly differently for Android and iPhone phones

iPhone: Change status message on WhatsApp

If you want to change your WhatsApp status on the iPhone, proceed as follows:

  • Open WhatsApp and tap on “News” in the bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Next to “My status”, tap on the pencil icon to enter edit mode or on the camera icon to take a photo.
  • If you have tapped the pen symbol, you can enter a text below and save it by tapping the arrow symbol.
  • You can change the font by tapping on the “T” at the top right in edit mode. To select a different background color, tap the palette icon.

Android: Change WhatsApp status

On Android, you can change your status in WhatsApp in just a few simple steps.

  • Start WhatsApp on your Android smartphone and click on “News” in the top bar and then on “My status”.
  • The camera opens and you can take a photo or video for your WhatsApp status.
  • Unlike on iOS, however, you cannot add text.

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