Open UEFI / Bios under Windows 11: Here’s how

by Johannes

You can start the UEFI / BIOS of your computer or laptop directly from Windows 11. We show you how this works

How to open the UEFI / BIOS in Windows 11

If you want to start the UEFI / BIOS of your Windows 11 computer, you can do so by pressing a certain key during the boot process. This differs depending on the manufacturer, usually it is [Del] or one of the F keys (F2 or F10). However, you do not have much time for this during the booting process; it is easier to do it directly from Windows:

  • Press the key combination [Win] + [i] to open the Windows 11 settings.
  • Select the subitem Recovery in the System section.
  • Click the “Restart now” button next to Advanced Start. Confirm the process with another click on “Restart now”.Now first select Troubleshooting and then Advanced Options.
  • Click on UEFI Firmware Settings on the right.
  • Then click on the on/off button at the bottom right of the start menu.

Alternatively: Start the BIOS / UEFI from Windows using the key combination

Alternatively, you can trigger the reboot into the BIOS or UEFI of your computer with a key combination:

    • Click the start button in the taskbar of Windows 11.
    • You will now see a menu with a blue background. Here, select Troubleshooting ☻ Advanced Options ☻ UEFI Firmware Settings ☻ Restart.
    • Now press the [Shift] key on your keyboard and hold it down. Now click on Restart in the context menu of the On/Off button with the left mouse button. Only then release the [Shift] key and wait until the computer has restarted.Click on the Restart button to start your computer in the BIOS or UEFI.
    • The computer will now boot directly into UEFI or BIOS.

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