Windows 11: Starting Disk Cleanup – How to do it

by Pramith

Windows 11 offers Disk Cleanup, which you can start from the Start menu

Run Windows 11 disk cleanup

Disk cleanup can be useful if there is a lot of old or incorrect data on the computer. The cleanup then ensures that this data and/or incorrectly formatted, duplicate and unimportant information is updated or deleted. This is how you proceed with Windows version 11:

  • Click on the start menu of your computer. This is usually displayed in the lower taskbar as an icon with four squares:
  • Then enter the term “Disk Cleanup” in the “Search” field. The highest match will then be “Disk Cleanup System” in the first place.
  • Open this “App” by clicking on “Run as administrator”. Then select the drive (C:) and you will be taken directly to the system data cleanup.
  • You can also delete updates, old Defender and the previous Windows version (windows.old) if you wish.

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